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Is Montessori Right for My Family?
Las Vegas Montessori-Innovation Academy

Las Vegas Montessori | Affordable Private School Las Vegas IA’s Curriculum Brings Montessori into the Modern Age A lot of people have heard of Montessori, but might not fully understand what it is all about. Certainly, we have heard from many parents who were misinformed or just weren’t sure what “Montessori” was all about. At […]

Las Vegas Middle School Re-Frames Montessori
Las Vegas Middle School Innovation Academy

This Las Vegas Middle School Tackles the Challenges of Middle School Las Vegas Middle School | Private Middle School Las Vegas Middle school is an important transition period for students. Traditionally, middle school is considered to be the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. It is a time when young students transition into their pre-teen and […]

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