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A Food Allergy Safe School Goes Beyond the Classroom
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Food Allergy Safe School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas We have written before about what led us to develop Innovation Academy Las Vegas as a Montessori-based elementary school. Our goal was not only to provide an encouraging, student-focused environment, but also a school free of food allergens. After two years of careful planning, research, and […]

Do You Know What Teal Pumpkins Mean?
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Food Allergy Safe Elementary School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Food Allergy Safe Halloween Supported by the Teal Pumpkin Project More and more children are being diagnosed with food allergies. These can range from being a relative inconvenience, to being life-threatening. It is important that our communities work to learn about them, so that these […]

Finally, a food-allergy safe elementary!

Food Allergy Safe school | Innovation Academy Families with Severe Food Allergies: You Don’t Have to Compromise Safety for School! My third child- a beautiful, feisty little red head girl, was diagnosed with an airborne peanut allergy on her first birthday. The first thing our doctor told us was that she would never be able […]

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