Montessori and STEAM, a perfect blend
Best Las Vegas Middle School-STEAM and Montessori

One Las Vegas Middle School is Combining the Best of Worlds with Their Leading Curriculum Best Las Vegas Middle School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas I think most of us would agree that the traditional method of teaching is outdated. Essentially, we are referring to the common practice of presentation and memorization. A teacher lectures. […]

Best Las Vegas Middle School: Innovation Academy
Best Las Vegas Middle School

This Las Vegas Middle School Connects Students to Lessons With This Unique Approach Best Las Vegas Middle School | Innovation Academy Montessori What is the hallmark of a “good” education? Different people will have different answers. Answers may include high standardized test scores, high grades, or even the ability to get a good job. Indeed […]

Las Vegas Middle School Re-Frames Montessori
Las Vegas Middle School Innovation Academy

This Las Vegas Middle School Tackles the Challenges of Middle School Las Vegas Middle School | Private Middle School Las Vegas Middle school is an important transition period for students. Traditionally, middle school is considered to be the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. It is a time when young students transition into their pre-teen and […]

Food Allergy Safe Halloween | Teal Pumpkin
teal pumpkin project-Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori

Be on the look out for teal pumpkins, as this food allergy safe trend is spreading throughout the country! Montessori School Las Vegas | Teal Pumpkin Project As you know, Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori is leading the charge to create an inclusive learning environment for students with food allergies. Most schools choose to segregate […]

Have you Heard of Earthing? Is there Science Behind it?
Private Schools Las Vegas-Innovation Academy Montessori-Earthing

Private Schools Las Vegas | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori IA Looks at All Kinds of Ways to Help Our Students Succeed in School and Life… Does “Earthing” Actually Do Anything?? Have you heard of the practice of “Earthing”? If not, you probably will soon, as it is gaining some publicity. Essentially, “Earthing” is the […]

Why Class Size Matters
Las Vegas Montessori-Innovation Academy Las Vegas

Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Top 5 Reasons Why Smaller Class Sizes Are Better It feels like classrooms are getting more and more crowded. Most of us would agree that crowded classrooms make it harder on both the students and the teachers. Nevada’s teacher-student ratios for public schools is 1:16 for grades […]

Strong character is just as important as strong grades
Innovation Academy Las Vegas Elementary-character building

Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy Montessori Building Character It’s heartbreaking to have a child come home from school crying. Whether they are being bullied, they aren’t making good friends, or they are overwhelmed by school. The tears are real and there is more than just an emotional impact on the child. Emotional stress and […]

How cutting recess is actually hurting education
Best Las Vegas Elementary-Innovation Academy-recess at school

Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Nevada schools are cutting recess, is this good for our children? There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of children being diagnosed with attention and focus issues. According to the most recent CDC report, ADHD diagnosis in children increased by 42% between 2001 and […]

Check Out the Most Exciting Las Vegas Montessori In Town!

COME FIND OUT WHY FAMILIES ARE TALKING ABOUT INNOVATION ACADEMY LAS VEGAS MONTESSORI!! OPEN HOUSE: THURSDAY JANUARY 14th 6p-8p WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20th 6p-8p If you are looking for a school that will inspire your child, develop their creative and critical thinking, and support their emotional, social, and educational development, then Innovation Academy is the Las […]

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