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Food Allergy Safe Halloween | Teal Pumpkin
teal pumpkin project-Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori

Be on the look out for teal pumpkins, as this food allergy safe trend is spreading throughout the country! Montessori School Las Vegas | Teal Pumpkin Project As you know, Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori is leading the charge to create an inclusive learning environment for students with food allergies. Most schools choose to segregate […]

Thanksgiving with Food Allergies
food allergy safe Las Vegas elementary-Innovation Academy

Food Allergy Safe school | Innovation Academy LV A few helpful tips to manage Thanksgiving when your child has severe food allergies Did you know that Innovation Academy is the ONLY Las Vegas elementary school that is a 100% food allergy safe school? We believe that a child with a severe food allergy shouldn’t have […]

Las Vegas Montessori | Inspiring Kindness

Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy What Have You Done to be Kind Today? Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Innovation Academy believes that showing love and kindness has a deep and profound effect on people and children. It is a priority in the classroom to show kindness to our students, as […]

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