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SB302 Grant|New Changes Help Military Families and 1st Year Kindergartners

New Exceptions to the SB302 Grant May Benefit Your Family!

The Nevada State Treasurer’s office has announced that they have made 2 exceptions to the 100-day rule for the SB302 Grant, and Innovation Academy wants to make sure everyone knows about it! These changes will help military families and families of students who are going to be starting kindergarten. Keep reading for the details!


The 100-day rule originally required that your child needed to attend a Las Vegas public school for a minimum of 100 days before qualifying for the SB302 Grant, at which time they could then transfer to a Las Vegas private school utilizing the grant funds. The new changes to this rule will help make this process much easier for some families.


If you are active duty military, your children are no longer required to enroll in a public school for 100 days to qualify for the SB302 Grant. This means that if you meet all of the other SB302 Grant requirements, you can apply your SB302 Grant funds to the school of your choice immediately and not have to worry about making your kids transfer schools!

CHANGE 2: 1st YEAR KINDERGARTENSB302 Grant-Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori-kids drawing

If your child is 5 years of age by Sept 30th of the school year, and under 7 years of age, then they no longer need to enroll in a public school for 100 days to qualify for the SB302 Grant. This means that if you meet all of the other qualification requirements for the SB302 Grant, then your child can start their education path at the right school for them, the first time, and no longer need to transfer schools after 100 days!


Innovation Academy is excited to share these new changes to the SB302 Grant as it will help many families in the Las Vegas area. If you are looking for a school to apply your SB302 Grant towards, then look no further than Innovation Academy! We are SB302 Grant approved by the Nevada State Board of Education, so that means you can apply your SB302 Grant funds towards our already affordable tuition, and provide your children with the exceptional educational experience they deserve!

Please access the Nevada State Treasurer website for more details about the SB302 Grant and to apply for it, and come visit Innovation Academy to see how our unique curriculum and approach to education is raising the bar for Las Vegas schools!


For those parents that have already started the 100-day requirement-Congratulations! The 100-days is almost up! Pre-register with Innovation Academy NOW to reserve your class seat and ensure a seamless transition for your child. Don’t delay! CONTACT US today for more information!

To learn more about the SB302 Grant, including how to qualify, please visit the Nevada State Treasurer website, and these other resources:

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