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If Private School Was Free, Would Your Child Still Go to Public School?

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SB302 | Innovation Academy Las Vegas

Receive Money to Pay Tuition

Most parents want the best education available for their children, but the truth is that sometimes, the “best education” is just flat out not affordable. Nevada is trying to help families make their educational choices without having to factor in the cost by offering state funding to pay private school tuition.
SB302 is a legislative bill that was proposed to allow parents the ability to choose the right fit school system for their child. If the “right fit” is not at a public school, then SB302 will allocate a comparable amount of funds to pay for the tuition at a private school of the families’ choice.
So the question becomes…if private school was free, would your child still be enrolled in public school?
The public education system in Nevada, and Las Vegas, has consistently ranked at the bottom of the country. This is why an overwhelming amount of parents would answer “NO” to public school if private school wasn’t financially prohibitive. With SB302, the education you want for your children can be possible.
If you have not enrolled your child in this program, and want a chance at giving your child a private school education, the deadline is closing fast.


Applying is simple: it takes about 5 minutes on the computer, and if it is funded and approved, it can make all the difference in your child’s future.
Innovation Academy is designated as a qualified entity to receive SB302 grant tuition-enrolled children. Visit our Facebook page to see all the amazing ways your child will be set up for success at IA, and why we have a 5 star rating! In addition to our amazing curriculum and teacher-student ratios, Innovation Academy is also one of the most affordable private schools in Vegas!

Get on the Fast-Track!

If you have previously enrolled in SB302, then you do not have to enroll again! The treasurers office has updated their application database and is asking parents to review and click “submit” to existing applications. This makes it easy to allocate the funds to the qualified school of your choice, like IA!
Our campus will host a “click-and-submit” event for SB302 families wanting to enroll at IA. It is FREE and QUICK to “click-and-submit” with IA!


Feb 8th

Innovation Academy Campus

from 6-7pm for already enrolled SB302 families.

Innovation Academy is not affiliated with the Treasurers Office. We have a partnership with our parents and the community, and want to raise the bar for education in Las Vegas and help change Nevada from being ranked at the bottom in education in the country.
Apply at the Nevada Treasurer website for this grant.

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SB302 | Innovation Academy Las Vegas