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SB302 Grant|Giving Las Vegas Parents A Choice In Their Children’s Education

The SB302 Grant opens the doors to private education

Innovation Academy Las Vegas Private Montessori is proud to announce that we have been approved by the Nevada State Department of Education as an SB302 Grant approved private school! With the SB302 Grant, you finally have a choice in your child’s educational path!


When your child is enrolled in your local Las Vegas public school, the State applies corresponding funds to that school to help support the cost of your child’s education. Previously, these funds only supported the public/charter sector, but with the SB302 Grant, those same funds designated for your child’s education can now be transferred, by you, towards tuition at any approved private school in Las Vegas. This means that you can finally choose the education path you believe is best for your child, without being limited by the financial considerations of private school enrollment!

The funds can also be applied towards other educational expenses for your child, like books and specialized services, so be sure to get all the FACTS and DETAILS from the Nevada State Treasurer website. As a Nevada State Department of Education approved school, Innovation Academy is very excited to be an option for those with an SB302 Grant! To find out what makes Innovation Academy Las Vegas’ premier private academy, keep reading below…

To find out how to qualify for the SB302 Grant, please visit the Nevada State Treasurer page.


Innovation Academy exists because as parents of school age children ourselves, we felt that the available options in the public sector here in Las Vegas were inadequate in meeting our expectations for educational standards. In fact, research shows that since 2012, Nevada has ranked last in the nation in educational services provided by our public school sectors. Nevada’s parents are unsatisfied with the overcrowded and understaffed classrooms that are the norm for  public schools, not to mention the growing sentiment that the public school curriculum does not prepare students adequately for college or the workplace. However, many Las Vegas families feel like their options are limited because of the typical enrollment costs of private school alternatives.

Finally, with the SB302 grant, a parent has the opportunity to select an educational institution of their choosing…one that they can have confidence in, one that they believe will meet the individual educational needs of their child.


At Innovation Academy Las Vegas Private Montessori, we offer strong academics, small class sizes, and a nurturing environment, all in one of Las Vegas’ only food allergen-free setting. Innovation Academy provides your child with an educational pathway tailored to their individual style and pace of learning, utilizing a Montessori-based curriculum that encourages creative learning, natural discovery, and community building. Additionally, Montessori education has been proven to develop well-rounded children with academic, social, and emotional advantages.

Innovation Academy is so much more than just another Montessori school, so to find out more, CONTACT US today for a tour of our “campus”!


To learn more about the SB302 Grant, including how to qualify, please visit the Nevada State Treasurer website, and these other resources:

Come see why everyone is talking about Innovation Academy and learn about all the things that will make us the right choice for your family! Finally you can take back the right to choose an excellent education for your child! CONTACT US today for more information!

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