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Have you Heard of Earthing? Is there Science Behind it?

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Does “Earthing” Actually Do Anything??

Have you heard of the practice of “Earthing”? If not, you probably will soon, as it is gaining some publicity. Essentially, “Earthing” is the practice of improving your health by being barefoot on the ground. Sounds like some “hippie-dippie” stuff…however, there may be some science behind it.

Wellness Mama put together an excellent article breaking down the research behind this barefoot phenomenon, which you can read by clicking HERE. Some of it is pretty interesting, so we included some excerpts for you if you continue reading below. The way IA see’s it is that there is something that feels good about being barefoot in lush grass, or soft carpet, or warm sand. If it makes you feel good to go barefoot, then GO FOR IT (as long as it is in appropriate, clean locations)!!! Also, be mindful of how hot the ground can get here in Las Vegas!

Here are some highlights from the Wellness Mama article:

Scientific Evidence for Earthing

This is where the controversy begins. Critics claim that there isn’t any evidence to back up this practice and that it could even be dangerous. Proponents cite anecdotal evidence and a few small studies.

So who is right?

There actually are a couple of small scale studies that looked at the affects of earthing or grounding. One study examined 60 people with chronic pain and sleep troubles. Half of the participants slept on a grounded sheet to simulate earthing. The other half slept on a placebo sheet.

The participants who slept grounded reported reduction in chronic pain, respiratory problems, arthritis, apnea and hypertension while the control group did not.

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