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How IA is Changing Education for Las Vegas Families

If you are just learning about Innovation Academy, here are the top-3 ways that we are changing the way Vegas thinks about education:


Standardized tests are an important way to benchmark and measure growth and development in a classroom, but the unfortunate truth is that too many public schools and even many Las Vegas private school are so dependent on test-score-based-funding, that the curriculum has shifted away from “teaching” and more towards “test taking”. Not only is this detrimental to long-term comprehension in students, but it creates an environment of performance-based stress for both students and teachers. Innovation Academy has developed a totally unique approach to testing, that is stress-free and allows students to demonstrate what they have learned in an organic and natural way.


A New Approach to Testing

Reducing Stress in the Classroom



Food allergies in school-aged children is on the rise, and the reactions from those allergies can range from relatively harmless to life threatening. Most schools, public and private, are ill-equipped and ill-prepared to manage a student suffering from food allergies. The common protocol to deal with students with severe fool allergies is to isolate them. This usually means that they have a designated “safe” area where they get to eat…alone. Kids become ostracized and singled-out, in the name of “safety”. Innovation Academy looks at this type of challenge as an opportunity to raise the bar. IA has partnered with 2 Vegas restaurants to help us create healthy, fresh meal plans for the whole school, free of any listed food allergens of our students. This is also an opportunity for us to teach our students about nutrition and health while reinforcing our lessons in tolerance and understanding of others needs. The best thing about this is: whether your child has food allergies or not, you can rest assured that they are getting the best meals and nutrition when they are at school!


A Food-Allergy Safe Campus

3. MELDING THE BEST OF EDUCATIONAL WORLDSbest las vegas elementary-innovation academy las vegas STEM

“Montessori” is an approach to education that incorporates “hands-on” learning, with art, music, peer teaching, and lesson books. Studies show that Montessori students “tested better on “executive function,” and their ability to adapt to changing and more complex problems.” IA uses this proven approach to education to make their world-class curriculum that emphasizes S.T.E.M. even more effective. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and is the educational initiative that the U.S. Department of Education says will prepare students “to think deeply and to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow.


What is STEM and Why Parents Need to Know About it

The IA Difference

There is much more to learn about Innovation Academy and what makes us the best Vegas private school available. You can read more about us HERE, or on our Facebook page, but the best thing to do is just stop in during our up-coming Open House August 10th and see for yourself! No RSVP is needed, just come on by!

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