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The World is Our Classroom: Why Field Trips Matter

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Field Trips Can Enrich Your Child’s School Experience

Funding for field trips is being cut in many public schools across the nation. According to CNN, “gas costs, budget cuts and jam-packed school days loaded with tests have all cut back on field trips that used to dot educational calendars.” Innovation Academy is committed to providing the best educational experience possible for our students, and one of the ways we do that is by complimenting our classroom curriculum with real world experiences, i.e. with field trips!

Making Special Memories

Las Vegas private school-Innovation Academy field trips
A fun-filled day of exploration at the Children’s Discovery Museum!

For many students, some of their most fond memories about school will be the field trips. They are a reward for hard work, and a group activity to build camaraderie between classmates. Field trips are exciting and a welcome break from the daily routine. When thoughtfully planned, they reinforce what is being taught in the classroom, and inspire children. The truth is that field trips do not have to be expensive. Many of the best field trip destinations are free, and many others are happy to support school visits!

Students who went on field trips demonstrate “stronger critical thinking skills, higher levels of social tolerance and greater historical empathy than those who didn’t”

So why are so many schools cutting them out of their curriculum? One reason is because you must have teachers, administration, transportation, and parents that support the extra effort for their children to experience “school” off-campus. In this day and age of busy households and diminishing school budgets, field trips have become an inconvenience. Many schools even opt to allocate their field trip budget on technology upgrades (tablets, laptops, etc…) to give their students a “virtual” field trip experience instead.

Field Trips Can Improve Critical Thinking Skills

While a virtual field trip can compliment some studies, IA does not believe that “virtual” field trips can, or should, replace the experience of the real thing. Neither does research from the University of Arkansas’ College of Education: their study of over 11,000 students showed that students who went on a field trip to a local museum demonstrated “stronger critical thinking skills, higher levels of social tolerance and greater historical empathy than those who didn’t. They also developed a taste for art museums and cultural institutions.

Innovation Academy is determined to raise the bar for education in Las Vegas! We are committed to providing our students with a well-rounded, engaging, and memorable school experience. In addition to our nation leading curriculum and personalized approach to your child’s education, our goal is to support our curriculum with 8 field trips per year! Come be a part of an educational community that has teachers and parents that encourage experiencing education, not just receiving it in a text book! CONTACT US today to learn more!

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