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Yoga for Kids! How IA is Using Yoga to Help Students Learn

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Yoga In School?? This Las Vegas Montessori Says YES!

It seems like these days everyone is doing yoga. A quick Google search here in Vegas will bring up over 50 yoga studios in the Valley! 36 million “yoga practitioners” must be on to something, right? There are many perceived, and many verified health benefits for adults who practice yoga. Innovation Academy, however, believes that kids can benefit from yoga practice as well. Here are some reasons why we introduce our students to basic yoga practice.

Streeeeeetch and Move!

IA is not a fan of having students sit at a desk for a long lesson. We believe in movement and comfort for our classes. Yoga teaches mindful movement. It is purposeful, requires focus, and helps our students develop the mind-body connection. Introducing our students to some basic yoga movements not only gives them a great physical outlet, it develops their proprioception.

Proprioception: awareness of your own body’s position relative to itself.

In more simple terms, proprioception is the ability to coordinate your movement. A common test of proprioception is closing your eyes, and touching your nose. Additionally, while drinking from a glass seems easy enough, in reality, it takes quite a bit of coordination between your fingers, arm, and mouth. While we as adults might take that simple movement for granted, children are still developing those skills. And yoga helps them do just that. Early strengthening of proprioception will benefit students as they grow by providing them with improved balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Yoga Helps Us FocusLas Vegas Montessori-Innovation Academy yoga for kids

Our teachers like to use yoga to help regain and develop focus in the classroom. It can calm an excited group and provide their brains with a respite from lessons, by giving them the physical and mental challenge of yoga. Yoga requires mindfulness of one’s breathing, balance, and movements. A quick yoga break throughout the day helps keep everyone primed to learn!

Yoga Builds Strength

Yoga challenges our students to be strong! Holding static poses requires great balance, focus, and strength, while other movements challenge our flexibility. Yoga requires determination and persistence, which develops a strong mind. These are all important aspects of developing a healthy student, who is strong in both body and mind.

You can learn more about the benefits of yoga in school by reading THIS article by BoredTeachers.com.

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