What is STEM & Why Parents Should Know About It

STEM is being used by elite magnet schools as they continue to raise the bar for education…find out how one Las Vegas Montessori is doing the same for Vegas families

Innovation Academy, a private Las Vegas Montessori elementary school, is changing the way Las Vegas does education by incorporating STEM into their already 1st class curriculum. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, known collectively as STEM, is an educational initiative that is aimed to ensure that students are “prepared to think deeply and to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow.” (U.S. Dept of Education) The problem? According to the U.S. Department of Education, not enough students have access to “quality STEM learning opportunities”.


Learning is maximized (with STEM) because students share prior knowledge, play on one another’s best skills, and utilize one another for discovering new and important information.

Innovation Academy believes that a curriculum which integrates STEM is a curriculum that values innovative teaching and learning, and best prepares students for success in many different fields. The teachers at Innovation Academy challenge themselves to find unique and fun ways to involve STEM principals into everyday, real world lessons; an approach that leads students to “use cooperative learning to work in teams to research and complete tasks, to test theories, and to plan and implement processes and solutions. Learning is maximized because students share prior knowledge, play on one another’s best skills, and utilize one another for discovering new and important information.” (Meridian)


Las Vegas Private School-Innovation Academy growing mantis
Children “DOING” science, instead of just reading about it…here they are preparing 100 praying mantis eggs in celebration of 100 days of school and STEM!

As a new school in the Las Vegas Valley, Innovation Academy has faced many challenges establishing itself as the premier Las Vegas Montessori school. To celebrate our 100th day of school, Innovation Academy found some fun ways to incorporate STEM into a celebration of this big occasion, mixing engineering and math with the “100-cup Challenge”. Working in teams, the students were challenged to build the tallest, and most stable tower using 100 party cups!

Other fun STEM activities for the day included testing and measuring the buoyancy of 100 different school items in water, and beginning the process of “growing” 100 baby praying mantis eggs! The students will be able to perform their own guided research as the eggs develop, hatch, and mature into real praying mantis!


Innovation Academy understands that it is not enough to simply incorporate STEM into intimidating and boring lesson blocks that most of us grew up with. IA believes that the true magic of “learning” occurs when kids are just being themselves: playful, curious, and social individuals. What makes Innovation Academy so special as a Las Vegas Montessori is the realization that their students don’t have to sacrifice creativity, art, music, and play in order to excel academically in STEM. In fact, IA believes in developing successful, well-rounded individuals by catering to each students individual learning style, and by keeping lessons engaging and fun.


Chances our, not many schools are celebrating like Innovation Academy. We are different that way. Bursting with passion for education, Innovation Academy is always looking for reasons and ways to celebrate the gift of education with our students! To learn more about this great Las Vegas Montessori elementary school, CONTACT US anytime to set up a campus tour. Innovation Academy is dedicated to raising the bar for education for Las Vegas families just like yours…don’t settle for the same-old boring school day that has become the “norm”!

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