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What is a Purple Star School?

Purple Star School Las Vegas

Purple Star School Las Vegas | Las Vegas Montessori

Innovation Academy was recently awarded the designation of being a “Purple Star School” by the Nevada Board of Education. So what does that actually mean? Here is a little information about MCEC and being a Purple Star School.

What is MCEC?

Growing up as a military child has many challenges. Having to frequently relocate is difficult emotionally, mentally, and physically. Additionally, it makes schooling very challenging. Military children not only have to pick up and make new friends, but the transition from school to school is not always smooth. Credits may not transfer. Enrollment windows might be missed. Graduation dates might get delayed.

The MCEC is dedicated to helping military families overcome educational roadblocks. One of their primary goals is to ensure that

Military-connected children’s academic, social and emotional needs are recognized, supported and appropriate responses provided.

One way that MCEC supports their mission is by helping families connect with Purple Star Schools.

MCEC also helps by serving as a resource for schools and school districts looking to support military families. MCEC can help schools meet or exceed the state requirements to earn a Purple Star School designation.

What is a Purple Star School?

The Department of Education can designate a school as a “Purple Star School” if it meets certain criteria that qualifies it as being prepared to meet the unique challenges and needs of military families.

Each state can set their own requirements for this, but in general a school must meet the following:

  1. Designate a staff point of contact for military students and families. The POC serves as the primary link between the military family and the school. The individual can be a counselor, administrator, teacher, or other staff member.
  2. Establish and maintain a dedicated page on its website featuring information and resources for military families.
  3. Maintain a student-led transition program to include a student transition team coordinator.
  4. Provide professional development for additional staff on special considerations for military students and families.

The MCEC helps schools apply for Purple Star School designation in their state, and also helps them with the requisite staff training and professional development.

What Types of Benefits Does a Purple Star School Offer?

Innovation Academy Las Vegas wants to make sure that we do everything we can to support our military families here in Las Vegas! To earn our Purple Star School designation, we worked closely with the MCEC.

A big priority for Innovation Academy was to make sure that our staff received specific training so that we could better understand military families and children, and their unique needs and challenges.

As a Purple Star School in Las Vegas, Innovation Academy offers to military families:

Want to Learn More?

Innovation Academy has a lot to offer, including an amazing STEAM curriculum and a Montessori based program that has our students excited about learning!

Please reach out to us with any questions you have, but our favorite thing to do is to show you around! Schedule a campus tour today!

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Purple Star School Las Vegas | Las Vegas Montessori