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How this Las Vegas Montessori is using sun light to help students learn

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Better Test Scores and Health Just From Natural Light??

Natural Lighting in a classroom by Cynthia Perez

Natural lighting in a classroom has many positive effects on students such as mental, alertness, mood improvements, also vision improvements. While many may think that having a big open window will distract a student with objects on the other side, new studies prove that myth to be wrong. Instead, it has been proven that natural lighting has a positive impact on student’s work and test scores:

“The study, which analyzed the results of more than 21,000 students in Canada and the United States, found that students progressed 26 percent faster on reading tests and 20 percent faster on math tests in classrooms that were lit by natural sunlight.”

Even More Surprising Benefits

The study, conducted by the Alberta Department of Education also proved that a natural light environment also has great health advantages. For example, healthier teeth, healthy body and weight gains, and students are less likely to be absent from school due to any illness. It is hard to believe that something so simple and natural can also have so many important benefits, especially in a school setting!

This Las Vegas Montessori Shines Bright with Natural Light

Innovation Academy has many windows throughout the campus that allow the students to benefit from natural lighting. On a daily basis, students engage in outdoor playful and educational activities for a total of forty-five minutes a day. Their time outdoors not only allows our students to stretch out, but to also absorb all the benefits mentioned above. Our students are always in a positive mood and always excited about learning. Students are always focused on their work when working by themselves, and openly engage in class discussions. Our classrooms all have supplemental artificial lighting, but as shown in one of our classrooms, natural lighting over powers the classroom to benefit the students. It is just one more difference that demonstrates why we believe that Innovation Academy is the best Las Vegas elementary around!

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In addition to making sure our students get plenty of natural light, did you know that Innovation Academy is a food-allergy safe campus?? All our students receive professionally catered meals that are safe and free of common food allergens, that are as delicious as they are healthy! Innovation Academy also features one of the most progressive elementary school curriculum in Las Vegas, with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Don’t know why STEM is important? Read about it HERE! To learn more about why Las Vegas families are choosing Innovation Academy for their kids, CONTACT US today!

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