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Montessori Innovator Award | Las Vegas Montessori

Innovation Academy Receives Award for Inventive Work Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori | Innovator Award

This year the American Montessori Society (AMS) has recognized Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori for our “original contributions to the practice and experience of Montessori education”. The 2021 Montessori Innovator Award is befitting, particularly given our namesake! Of course, “innovation” is one of Innovation Academy’s founding principles for education. It is also reflective of the Montessori principles which have helped shape our curriculum.

What Does it Mean to Be an Innovator?

For Innovation Academy, innovation is a drive to constantly improve. It is creative problem solving, with meaningful solutions. It is thinking outside the box. Innovation, quite simply, is about making things better. Our goal has always been to provide Las Vegas families with an alternative choice for education that goes above and beyond the “standard”.

To be recognized by the AMS is a tremendous honor for us. It is something we are very proud of. Additionally, it is something that our school community should be proud of too. Of course, without our amazing students and supporting families, there would be no Innovation Academy.

The AMS Innovator Award says that innovation in Montessori means:

“CRITICAL THINKING around preparing environments matched to the needs of the individual learner, so we can be truly inclusive of all learners.

COURAGEOUS RISK-TAKING in adapting the strengths of 100-year-old method to the unprecedented demands of new times.”

A Recognition for the Entire IA Community

In our hearts we believe that this award belongs to our IA Community. COVID-19 challenged us all in ways that we never imagined. However, together we were able to innovate, and find our way through. We appreciate your ability to adapt and be flexible as we worked together to find new ways and methods to educate. Most importantly, we thank you for trusting in Innovation Academy. The AMS Innovator Award is a reflection on the entire IA community!

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Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori | Innovator Award