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Healthy Meals Help Students Shine at this Las Vegas Montessori

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Studies Prove That Healthy Meals Improve Test Scores

Innovation Academy is raising the bar when it comes to providing a safe, food-allergy free learning environment for students. However, our approach to in-school meals is about more than just food allergies. A recent study shows that healthy school meals improve student achievement.

How Does Food Improve Test Scores?

Many factors go into how well a student does on a test. The food we eat has a direct impact on how the body can function. Healthy eating and healthy living lead to healthy bodies and minds. Another factor is stress. When a student is stressed, they may have a harder time focusing, concentrating, or recalling information. Being hungry is a form of stress. Not all families have access, money, or time to pack healthy school lunches for their kids, and not all schools provide healthy in-school meal options. This study, conducted by the University of California Berkeley, proved that “healthier” meals improved test scores.

“Healthier meals could raise student achievement by about 4 percentile points on average.”

That is a significant boost, from something fairly easy to control!

It is Not Just About Test Scores

Innovation Academy believes that educational success can’t be measured just in test scores. However, test scores are the standard, and can provide important baselines and metrics. This is an important study because it supports one of IA’s a key philosophies: healthy, happy

las vegas montessori-Innovation Academy las vegas-
Excitement, not stress, about “test days” is the norm at IA!

kids make for great students. Students that can absorb what they are being taught and demonstrate true understanding, not just memorization and regurgitation.

The Innovation Academy Difference

Test taking does not have to be a stressful and scary situation. Our students are excited for “testing” because it gives them a chance to shine! It also gives our teachers a chance to see where they need to improve and focus their lessons. Innovation Academy is a Las Vegas Montessori that creates an environment for success by considering all the factors that we can control which can improve a student’s ability to learn. This includes things like purposeful movement, natural lighting, and group learning, as well as our meal plan. Our catered meals are not just done to create a food allergy safe campus, but to ensure that all our students have access to healthy, nutritious snacks and meals that will power them through the day.

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