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Las Vegas Montessori: What Innovation Academy Students Are Saying About Their School

Students at Innovation Academy speak out for Montessori schools everywhere.

“Montessori is important because you don’t get loved (attention) as much in other schools.”-3rd Grader


“I think it is really good to have real world experience, because it helps me know how to help the world.”-1st Grader

These students are in a multi-grade, small ratio Montessori classroom. What you might not expect is how they spend their time learning.

Innovation Academy is a Las Vegas Montessori elementary school that prides itself on giving its students opportunity to grow in whatever way is their own. This type of education emphasizes on the core four subjects and elective classes, but in an open center style with one-on-one, small group and large group lessons.Students at IA are constantly on the move around the classroom. Each child has their own curriculum established for them, and learn that WHY is just as important as HOW.

“I think life skills help you learn, because they help you do jobs in the world.”-KindergartnerIA-


“When I grow up I want to be a fire girl, so I can help the community.”-Kindergartner


“I have a dream. I wish that when things were thrown away there was something that could automatically clean it. I wish there was no litter. I want it to save animals and everything living on Earth.”-1st Grader

The Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori Difference

At Innovation Academy there is a sense of importance among all students. They appreciate each others’ differences, and strive to encourage each others’ learning and friendship. They push their peers to learn, and to grow into strong leaders and followers of the world.

These students have dreams, and the sky is limitless!

“My class is important because it is fun to do a project, and it helps you learn, you know, easier.”-Kindergartner


“I think it is important for kids to help sometimes, because it teaches me how be a leader and a teacher.”-1st Grader
“Someday I want to invent a flying car that doesn’t take gas, to save the environment. That is why a lot of people are starting to make electric cars.”-3rd Grader


“I dream the world could be safe. I am grateful for the soldiers. When I grow up I am going to be a leader!”-Kindergartner

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