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How this Las Vegas Montessori improves education through environment

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Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy

Say Goodbye to the Traditional Classroom, and Hello to the Future of Education

When Innovation Academy was started, we did not set out to be just another private school option. IA is raising the bar for education in Las Vegas, and we realize that “raising the bar” meant taking a comprehensive and out-of-the-box look at what “education” is really all about.

A New Perspective

Innovation Academy, like most schools, starts with what we believe to be the best available curriculum. IA uses the McGraw Hill curriculum with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). This curriculum is allows students to learn at their own pace. It also allows our educators to customize and shift the lessons as needed. IA presents the material across different mediums, and integrates all our lessons into applicable and real world understanding.

However, even the best curriculum is useless if the students are not engaged or interested in it. This is where IA really begins to separate from the crowd.

IA supports our curriculum by utilizing a Montessori-based approach to education. There are a lot of beautiful characteristics of Montessori, but the most basic principle is that education is child-centered. Our educators have the flexibility to cater to the individual learning styles and interests of each student. Additionally, another major characteristic of Montessori is the understanding of how environment can impact, and enhance, education. As a Las Vegas Montessori, it was a priority of ours to design a learning environment for our students that would enhance their ability to learn, process, retain, and enjoy!

Environment and Education

comfy and cozy makes learning fun!

Creating an environment for education requires thoughtful consideration of many things, including:

Danish Kurani from the Harvard Graduate School of Education put it best when describing an optimal learning environment:

For a great learning space, you have to consider acoustics, color, light, layout, materials, interactivity, graphics, inspiration, technology, and so much more. 

Innovation Academy does not look like a traditional classroom. Instead, it is colorful and open, with natural light everywhere. Additionally, there are areas to encourage group work, areas for solitary focus, and outside space for fresh air and nature.


The Innovation Academy Difference

You can read more about some of the unique things we have done to enhance the learning environment. However, what we really love is for families to see for themselves! CONTACT US to schedule a tour TODAY!

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