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Why Class Size Matters

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Top 5 Reasons Why Smaller Class Sizes Are Better

It feels like classrooms are getting more and more crowded. Most of us would agree that crowded classrooms make it harder on both the students and the teachers. Nevada’s teacher-student ratios for public schools is 1:16 for grades K-2 and 1:18 for grade 3. Of the 33 states that actually specify ratio requirements, Nevada ranks on the low end. Most states have a 1:20 ratio or higher.

Nevada Schools Got Something Right?

Surprisingly, Nevada is actually getting something right when it comes to schools. Considering that Nevada frequently ranks at the bottom of education in the country, it is nice to see that they are trying to keep ratios low. But why does a small teacher-student ratio matter? Here are some of our favorite reasons:

More engagement

When there are fewer students in a classroom, it is much easier for all of them to have the opportunity to participate and get engaged. This makes lessons more interactive, which can allow a student to absorb more information.

Better relationships

With fewer students, it is much easier for teachers to develop relationships and bonds. A strong student-teacher relationship is important for many reasons, including that it allows a teacher to understand the individual learning styles and needs of each student.

More 1-on-1 time

Teachers are able to provide more focused attention on each student when there are fewer of them. This prevents students from “slipping through the cracks”, so to speak. It also allows for more specialized teaching.

To read even more great reasons for maintaining small teacher-student ratios, check out THIS ARTICLE by boredteachers.com.

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