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Las Vegas Montessori Brings a New Approach to Education

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The Education You’ve Been Wanting for Your Child

Las Vegas is known for many great things: the best entertainment, dining, nightclubs, and of course, gambling! Another thing that it is sadly known for is its poor National education ranking. Nevada has consistently ranked at the bottom of the list in the “Quality Counts” annual report, which considers factors like school funding, academic achievement, and students’ chance for success.

According to the most recent report, Nevada spends “less per pupil than all but 4 states.”

What this means for Las Vegas families is that they have to look outside the box if they want the best education for their children. Public schools are not cutting it, and many private schools are cost prohibitive. What option do they have?

A New Standard, at an Affordable Price

Innovation Academy is a Montessori based private school that is raising the bar for education. Providing some of the most innovative approaches to teaching, along with an award winning curriculum, Innovation Academy is blending the best to create an environment of learning new to Las Vegas.

The Montessori approach is already well-known for developing free-thinking, motivated students. Innovation Academy combines the Montessori philosophy with a curriculum that has a heavy emphasis on STEM (read more about STEM here), creating an education that truly prepares the students for success.

Innovation Academy is also Las Vegas’ only food allergy safe campus. Meals are catered by local restaurants, providing wholesome delicious lunches that are safe for all students.

The best part is, Innovation Academy is more affordable than you may think! IA works closely with any available grants and state education funds to assist their families with what is already one of the most affordable private schools in the city.

Take a Tour and See For Yourself

Do yourself a favor and CONTACT US today to schedule a tour for you and your family. You will see right away the many things that makes this school so special.

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Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy Las Vegas