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Come See How This Las Vegas Montessori is Raising the Academic Bar

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Not all schools are created equal…

Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori is dedicated to raising the academic bar for Las Vegas! Born out of necessity for a better place for our own children to learn, Innovation Academy provides a unique, proven approach to education that engages our students and fosters their natural intellectual curiosity. When learning is fun, and socializing natural, students are able to develop into bright, well-rounded individuals. In addition to our dedication to small class sizes and our one-of-a-kind curriculum, here are 3 important things about Innovation Academy you should know about our approach to education:

1. A hands on approach to learning

Las Vegas Montessori-Innovation Academy Outdoor Class
Taking the lesson outside today!

We believe that it is easier to retain information if you are actually doing the activity. This Las Vegas Montessori uses hands on learning all over the room that allow children to literally grasp a concept. At Innovation Academy we have hundreds of hands-on educational activities for children to explore. Instead of reading about what architects do, they become one and build structures.

2. Learn a concept in 5 different ways

In today’s “traditional” school, a child is instructed on a concept from a textbook and taught how to memorize and regurgitate information. At Innovation Academy, our students are taught a concept from a text book, then given the opportunity to explore that concept through art, song, science, physics, and technology. After all, every child learns differently. While some excel at learning by reading, or demonstration, others may learn better through doing. Our focus is on the beauty of knowledge, however a child’s preference to learn it. Our small class sizes allow for our highly qualified teachers to cater to the individual learning styles of each student.

3. See one- Do one- Teach one

Montessori schools traditionally combine several grade levels in one open classroom setting, creating a unique learning environment for all of the students. At Innovation Academy, the younger learners watch a lesson from an established older peer, and then they present the concept on their own, in their own words, and then finally they reinforce their understanding by teaching the younger new learners of the concept. This way they are ready for the next step in learning and build tremendous self-confidence and public speaking skills by displaying their knowledge to others.

Why is it important that Innovation Academy utilizes a Montessori approach? Well, for starters, research shows that “Montessori students [particularly those in the 5-year-old range] proved to be significantly better prepared for elementary school in reading and math skills than the non-Montessori children. They also tested better on “executive function,” and their ability to adapt to changing and more complex problems.” (Science Magazine) There are many things about Innovation Academy that set it apart from other school options in Las Vegas. In addition to being Montessori based, we also integrate STEM (read about it HERE) into our daily lessons, and utilize one of the most proven curriculum in the country! And did we mention that we are also a peanut and allergy-free campus?? CONTACT US today to learn more and see if this Las Vegas Montessori is right for your family.

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