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3 Ways STEAM Benefits Students

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STEAM school Las Vegas | Las Vegas Montessori

Have you heard of STEAM?? STEAM is an approach to education that has an emphasis in the fields of:






Schools that integrate STEAM into their curriculum use these topics to guide their students through critical thinking and applied learning, layering these topics into each other, rather than treating them like separate silos. STEAM is an approach to education, not just a focus on the topics.

This often results in students developing a deeper understanding of each topic, while also fostering their natural curiosity of how the world is connected. Studies have demonstrated, for example, that:

students in arts integrated classrooms tended to outperform their counterparts in both math and language arts. The authors concluded that integrating theater arts education into traditional curricula may promote academic achievement among participating students.


Innovation Academy Las Vegas seamlessly integrates STEAM into our Montessori based approach to education, creating an environment that challenges our students to engage, interact, and think critically.

3 ways that STEAM can benefit students


One of the key principles of STEAM education is promoting hands-on learning and application. This approach, naturally, goes hand-in-hand with Montessori philosophy. In other words, STEAM provides a traditional didactic portion of the lesson, then allows the students to support and develop their understanding of the lesson through hands-on application.

For example, at Innovation Academy, students learn the principles behind science, engineering, and art, and then combine their learning to build their own Leprechaun Traps for St. Patrick’s Day!


When you combine STEAM with Montessori, you get a unique approach to education that encompasses the whole student. What this means is that our students excel academically, but also develop important life skills through purposeful practice and implementation of these skills. These include things like:


Innovation Academy believes that learning IS fun and should be fun. Our program fosters the natural curiosity within each child, and exposes them to many different fields and topics.

Traditionally, students are often forced into labels like “artsy” or “nerdy” when they enjoy certain topics or struggle in others. Because STEAM layers these topics together, students can just focus on learning and enjoying how all these things work together. Suddenly that student who may not be so “good” at math see’s it in a new light, and understanding, when it is layered into a fun science or art project!

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STEAM school Las Vegas | Las Vegas Montessori