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Understanding the Importance of STEAM

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Innovation Academy Stays Ahead of the Curve By Providing STEAM to Students

One of Innovation Academy’s core beliefs is that we should be preparing our students for the future. Not just preparing them for the workplace, although that is important too, but for life in general. It is why our curriculum strongly incorporates citizenship and community. We want to develop good people, not just good students.

This is also one of the reasons we chose to use STEAM as the foundation for our curriculum. In terms of being prepared for the future, STEAM is critical.

What Exactly is STEAM?

STEAM is an acronym that stands for:






This acronym was first developed as a way to refer to the rapidly growing industries of the 21st century. It soon became associated with an educational curriculum focused on these fields as some schools recognized the importance of these subjects for their students.

How Does STEAM Education Help My Child?

STEAM is about a lot more than just subjects in school. It is an approach to education with a focus. It teaches students two very important skills:

  1. analytical thinking
  2. creative thinking

At Innovation Academy, our STEAM based curriculum teaches our students how to combine analytical thinking with creative thinking to become truly capable problem solvers.

Take science for example. Many people recognize sciences like chemistry and biology as being deeply analytical. Linear. Full of confusing formulas and rules. However, the best science also requires imagination and curiosity. Two things that are often forgotten in traditional schools focused on rote memorization of old theories and discoveries.

STEAM is not a list of classes to take, it is the synergy of ingredients that come together to create something amazing! STEAM curriculum creates a person who has a deep understanding of important principles with the creativity and intellectual curiosity to explore, push limits, and discover more.

Unlike traditional models of education, STEAM does not treat each discipline as its own individual course. It blends and blurs the differences together. In STEAM, “math” is not just about learning the order of operations, but about finding exciting ways to apply math to designing and building a Lego tower (engineering). Art is not just about putting colors on a page, but finding the beauty of symmetry (math) in nature (science). When these things come together, not only do students create associations between fields that make sense to them, they are driven to learn more and learn deeper.

See STEAM in Action at Innovation Academy

The best part of our STEAM curriculum is that you can see it in action. STEAM is not found in a book, or a lecture. It is interactive and hands on. It requires our students to participate, collaborate, and communicate with each other as they apply lesson material to physical experiments.

STEAM is not about putting kids in a box of expected professions working at tech companies or building apps. Skills like collaboration and communication that are practices through STEAM are the truly important skills that we believe will help every student in the future, regardless of where they end up as an adult. It prepares them for success in any field.

The best part about our STEAM curriculum is simply that it makes learning fun! If your child is struggling to stay focused or engaged at their school, please schedule your tour of Innovation Academy today! Serving K-8 students in Las Vegas with a tuition more affordable than you may think.

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