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How This Montessori Las Vegas Middle School is Incorporating STEAM

Best Las Vegas Middle School | STEAM Education

As our world continues to change, so should our schools. Curriculum should be designed around not just the current needs of the modern world, but also in preparation of the rapid changes we see. Most parents today have heard of STEAM education. If this is new to you, STEAM stands for:






STEAM is an educational initiative to prepare our children for current. Additionally, STEAM is designed to prepare kids for future challenges. STEAM has an emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem solving. This is a departure from the traditional approach to education, which was more focused on rote memorization.

How Does STEAM Education Help Students Learn?

One of the great things about STEAM is that it involves multiple modes of learning. That is to say, STEAM is not just lecture based learning. STEAM is hands-on, experimental, and collaborative. These are all things that naturally align with the Montessori philosophy. Innovation Academy has been seamlessly blending STEAM, Montessori, and top-rated curriculum for years. This is just part of what makes Innovation Academy one of Las Vegas’ best middle schools.

Middle schoolers need to be challenged and engaged in new ways. Additionally, they also need to learn how to use technology. Middle school aged kids are discovering new levels of individuality. They are developing their personality to new levels. It is an exciting time of personal growth. However, it is also challenging. For the student and for the teacher. Middle School is an important time for psychological and social development, as well as educational development. And at this age, there are MANY distractions that can take away from focus on lessons. This is what makes Montessori and STEAM such a great fit for middle school.

By utilizing purposeful movement in education, physical and hands-on experimentation, real world application of lessons, and group collaboration, Montessori and STEAM are well prepared to excel with middle school aged students.

How Do the Arts Help with STEM?

Originally, this initiative was known as STEM. That is to say, it did not include the “arts” portion as a critical component of “science, technology, engineering, and math”. “Arts” would include things like fiction literature and music. Additionally, it can include dance and drawing/painting. It quickly became obvious art is an important piece of education. Additionally, research has shown that all components of STEAM work synergistically. For example:

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Las Vegas is known for pushing the boundaries and being outside the box. This has brought a lot of growth and recognition to our city. Innovation Academy believes that our education options should be the same: progressive, challenging of the norms, and innovative! CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about admissions, tuition, and STEAM!!

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Best Las Vegas Middle School | STEAM Education