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Research Shows Montessori Has Long Term Benefits

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Parents are faced with a lot of difficult decisions when it comes to their children’s education. The reality is that many families are left wanting when it comes to public school options.

Many families find their local public school to be too focused on standardized testing, test scores, and rote memorization. Families want an engaging and exciting experience, that truly prepares students for life success. This is exactly the reason that Innovation Academy Las Vegas was founded and has been leading the way for Las Vegas education for years now.

What is Montessori Exactly?

There are a lot of misconceptions around Montessori. For starters, many people think that Montessori is just for kids. They also think that it is not academic focused. This can’t be further from the truth!

Here are some key points about Montessori:


In fact, while Montessori takes a different approach to education than most public schools, the research supports the long term benefits and success.

Research Shows Montessori Education Improves Adult Well-Being

Of course in the short-term, we all want our children to be happy and enjoy their school experience. However, have you ever considered how their school experience might impact their well-being as adults?

This is the question that researchers asked in a study published in Frontiers of Psychology.

Wellbeing, or the felt experience of health, happiness, and flourishing, predicts several desirable outcomes including better health and work performance, longevity, and more positive social behavior and relations,” say the authors of the research, led by Angeline Lillard of the University of Virginia. “Here we explored whether a different childhood experience, Montessori education, might predict higher adult well-being.

The results were definitively in support of Montessori education leading to higher well-being in adulthood:

What surprised us is that pretty much everything in the sink turned out significant — on almost every survey, people who had spent at least two years in Montessori had higher well-being than people who never went to Montessori,” says Lillard. “This was true even among the sub-sample who attended private schools for their entire pre-college lives. We also found that the longer one had attended a Montessori school, the higher their level of well-being.

Is It Time to Consider Montessori for Your Family?

Clearly there is a lot more that goes into determining the best education for your family, however, this type of research is significant. Given that Montessori, as an educational philosophy, has been around for over 100 years, the research is beginning to support what has been known anecdotally by families for decades.

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Furthermore, this is not to suggest that Montessori does not also prioritize academics. In fact, an in depth evaluation of the Montessori method by Lillard and Else-Quest reveals that compared to other education systems, Montessori students out performed students from other modalities in academic skills.

If you are looking for something more from your child’s school, please come visit us at Innovation Academy Las Vegas! Come see for yourself how we blend a Montessori approach with our STEAM curriculum to create a truly engaging, fun, and successful school experience for our students!

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