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Putting Lessons into Real Life

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Best Las Vegas Middle School | STEAM School Las Vegas

There are many different learning styles amongst students. Some students do well reading a lesson, for example, while others might be more auditory. Regardless the particular style, what is important to Innovation Academy is to recognize that each student is unique in how they learn.

With that in mind, Innovation Academy tries to incorporate many different styles into our lessons. Most importantly, we always try to find opportunities to incorporate “active learning”.

What is Active Learning?

Active learning is an alternative to traditional lecture that engages students with problem solving, analysis, and higher order thinking. Active learning is an opportunity for students to apply, fine tune, and deepen their understanding of concepts.

A recent study by Harvard discovered that students actually learn more from active learning as opposed to traditional lecture alone.

STEAM in Action

Innovation Academy has fully incorporated “STEAM” into our curriculum. STEAM stands for:






These foundational subjects are critical in preparing students for adulthood. Innovation Academy uses active learning to help our students develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of these topics.

For example, Innovation Academy recently opened a student body snack bar. While many schools operate a snack bar for their students, Innovation Academy decided to take a different approach. Opening a snack bar was the perfect opportunity to incorporate active learning and STEAM in a real life application.

How a Snack Bar Turned Into a Learning Opportunity

Innovative Academy administrators realized that creating and operating a snack bar was an amazing opportunity for the students to put their STEAM education to task. Instead of opening a snack bar to cater to students, Innovation Academy decided to let the students operate a snack bar for themselves!

Opening a snack bar required many lessons from STEAM, including:

While the kids are having fun designing and managing their snack bar, they are actually applying many different lessons they have learned while at Innovation Academy. Without even realizing it, they are strengthening and deepening their understanding of all the principles of STEAM. The best part of this is that they are having fun with it!

Come See for Yourself

Innovation Academy is raising the bar for education in Las Vegas. Our unique blend of Montessori philosophy with STEAM based curriculum is empowering students and making learning FUN!

One of the best ways to see if Innovation Academy is a fit for you and your family is to schedule a drop in tour! This will allow you to see our campus and students at work. We know that you will love the energy and excitement that fills our campus!

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Best Las Vegas Middle School | STEAM School Las Vegas