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The Montessori Approach is Also Effective for Middle School Aged Kids

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The Montessori approach to education has been around for more than 100 years. People familiar with Montessori understand that it has its roots in the principle of creating a classroom environment that fosters a child’s natural curiosity to learn. Additionally, the Montessori Method, created by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1906, used scientific observation to develop this unique approach to education. The results, still seen today, are children with focus, concentration, attention, and self discipline.

Montessori Method for Middle Schools

Interestingly, many people think that Montessori is just for grade school children. Dr. Montessori did originally focus development of the Montessori Method with grade school children. However, she later recognized the need to also adapt Montessori to accommodate the unique needs of adolescents. Innovation Academy Las Vegas offers our blend of the Montessori Method, with nation leading curriculum.

Our curriculum provides the rigor and academic challenges to prepare our middle schoolers for high school. Additionally, through the Montessori approach, we are mindful of the developmental changes and needs of the adolescent student. These include things such as:

  • Physical: Adolescents experience a period of tremendous physical and neurological growth.
  • Emotional: They experience self-awareness and self-criticism, emotional ups and downs, and egocentrism. They feel an increased desire for autonomy, along with a susceptibility to peer pressure. It is a time characterized by a tendency toward courage and creativity.
  • Social: Adolescents seek solidarity with peers and crave greater independence from adults as they establish their own identity. They are concerned with human welfare and dignity, and may exhibit novelty-seeking and risk-taking behaviors as a response to a tendency to express courage and creativity.
  • Cognitive: Adolescents are critical thinkers who persistently ask “why.” They are creative, and have the ability to reason and debate.

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These are challenging times for our community, without a doubt. Innovation Academy, however, continues to strive to provide Las Vegas with the academic support and systems that families deserve. CONTACT US to learn more about Innovation Academy and reserve your middle schooler’s space TODAY!

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