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Montessori and STEAM, a perfect blend

Best Las Vegas Middle School-STEAM and Montessori

One Las Vegas Middle School is Combining the Best of Worlds with Their Leading Curriculum

Best Las Vegas Middle School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas

I think most of us would agree that the traditional method of teaching is outdated. Essentially, we are referring to the common practice of presentation and memorization. A teacher lectures. Students memorize. Then students brain dump on a test. Then it is on to the next lecture. Of course, this is an oversimplified explanation. However, it tends to be at the foundation of standard practice for many schools.

In fact, when schools are required to meet standardized testing goals in order to qualify for funding, it is hard not to focus on the next test.

In general, Nevada’s public schools have been notoriously bad compared to the rest of the country. US NEWS shows Nevada ranked as 48th in K-12 education in the country in 2020. Families are seeking alternatives to the overcrowded classrooms and outdated curriculum.

Montessori + STEAM = Win for Kids

There are a lot of alternative education options for Las Vegas families. Las Vegas has a multitude of private schools, as well as charter, and Montessori programs. However, different does not always mean better. It is important to understand what those alternatives are providing. It is especially important to understand the merits of public education. While many families don’t like the idea of standardized tests driving education, the reality is that kids today need to be proficient at taking standardized tests. Tests are used through high school, college and even in the workplace sometimes. Not to mention, standardized tests provide a fairly objective assessment of the proficiencies and deficiencies in a child’s understanding and application of important skills.

Innovation Academy is designed to blend the best of all worlds when it comes to education. First, we take aspects of the Montessori philosophy. That is to say, very low teacher-to-student ratios and student centric lessons. Then we incorporate the needs of today by folding in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), giving them a well rounded education. Best of all, our students engage in their learning, taking ownership of their education. We reinforce lessons not through memorization and repetition, but through physical, real world application of skills. Students apply their learning through projects and presentations, not just tests.

When Status Quo is Not Good Enough

We understand that when it comes to your child’s education you want the best. In this age of COVID, it has been incredibly frustrating for families. Distance learning is not suitable for every family, or every student. Families want options. Safe options. If what is being offered to you isn’t good enough, consider Innovation Academy. We are a private Montessori, with an affordable enrollment. Not to mention we work with many state grant programs.

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Best Las Vegas Middle School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas