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This Las Vegas Middle School Tackles the Challenges of Middle School

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Middle school is an important transition period for students. Traditionally, middle school is considered to be the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. It is a time when young students transition into their pre-teen and teenage years. This is also the time to prepare for the big jump into high school. If you are looking for a middle school in Las Vegas that will prepare your children for high school and beyond, consider Innovation Academy Las Vegas!

A Private Middle School for Everyone

Innovation Academy is Las Vegas’ premier private elementary school. However, most people don’t know that we are now open for middle school too! As a private school in Las Vegas, Innovation Academy has the flexibility to create a unique learning environment that is not often found in traditional public schools. The public school system is great for many families, however, some children and families are looking for something else…maybe even something more.

Our approach to education is a blend of proven styles: Montessori combined with some of the Nation’s top curriculum programs. In short, our approach is very individualized and built around each student’s needs and learning style. Additionally, we adhere to the rigorous standards of STEM inspired lessons. Students are taught to engage in their learning, not just be lectured to. Group work, collaboration, and critical thinking are the basis of each lesson. It is hands-on, real world education, and most importantly, FUN!

Las Vegas’ Innovation Academy is truly designed for everyone in mind. Additionally, we offer a private school experience at a tuition that is much more affordable than you might think! CONTACT US TO LEARN ABOUT OUR GRANT PROGRAM.

Montessori for Middle School Students

Interestingly, most people think Montessori is just for the lower grades. Montessori was initially designed around the development of younger children. However, Maria Montessori saw the need to adapt her approach for older kids as well. As children transition to adolescents, they will experience many developmental changes. These can include physical, mental, social, and emotional changes. Additionally, they can be experiencing the hormonal changes of puberty, and the stress of growth and change.

It is important to be aware of the differences between elementary aged children and middle school aged adolescents. As teachers, being aware of these differences allows us to better support their academic and personal growth. These two things are always a priority at Innovation Academy. While we emphasize academic excellence, we do not sacrifice or trade off personal excellence in return. In fact, we recognize the importance of helping our middle schoolers develop socially, as well as academically. As a result, we often see how these two work synergistically in developing healthy, happy, intelligent young adults.

What is a Blended Learning Environment?

One of the primary characteristics of Montessori and Innovation Academy is blended learning environments. This means a few things. We create a learning environment that is both practical as well as academic, meaning that we support academic lesson with hands-on, physical application as much as possible. A blended learning environment also means students work across multiple age groups at times. This just means that our students don’t only interact with other students their age, but in fact learn from both younger and older students around them. Learning is cooperative with their peers, however, our teachers are also able to individualize support as needed.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of Innovation Academy, is our student-to-teacher ratio. It is our goal to always try and maintain about a 10:1 ratio. This allows gives our students enough of a social pod to work within, while giving our teachers the opportunity to truly understand each student on an individual basis. No students will feel lost, left behind, or unseen at Innovation Academy.

These are challenging times for our community, without a doubt. Innovation Academy, however, continues to strive to provide Las Vegas with the academic support and systems that families deserve. CONTACT US to learn more about Innovation Academy and reserve your middle schooler’s space TODAY!

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