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How to Build Leaders of Tomorrow

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Our Teaching Model Builds Confident, Collaborative, Creative Thinkers

Innovation Academy continues to raise the bar for Las Vegas elementary and middle school education. We take an approach to education that does not fall in line with the “status quo”. Because of this, Innovation Academy students are able to develop the confidence, team mentality, and critical/creative thinking that will power our tomorrow.

STEAM Education in Las Vegas

Our curriculum is heavily rooted in STEAM. STEAM represents the critical subjects in education: science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Research supports that being well rounded in these topics will prepare students for the challenges of the world they will face as adults.

Our approach to STEAM is one that teaches our students that these are not individual subjects, full of rote material. Rather, these subjects intertwine in a synergistic way, with overlap and parallels. There is art in math. Math in art. Science leads to technological innovation, and so on.

With this approach, our students develop a deep understanding and appreciation for these subjects, not the resentment and anxiety around them that many students experience in a traditional teaching model.

Collaboration Develops Character

Our teaching model is student centric. This is not just a catchy phrase, but a guiding principal at Innovation Academy. This means that our teachers are here to guide our students, not lecture to. In fact, much of our presentations and lessons are led by students. Our students develop material on the subject matter we are focusing on, and then they present it to their classmates in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them.

Additionally, our students are encouraged to work together, not isolate from each other. Collaborative learning provides so many important life skills to our students. They get to hear other perspectives on a difficult problem, they learn to communicate with each other, they learn how to be active and attentive listeners, and they learn how to appreciate different view points and mindsets. We truly believe that guided collaboration is foundational in helping our students develop the outstanding character that will benefit them for life.

Tired of the Status Quo?

We recognize that families are starving for something “more” for their children’s’ education. Traditional models of education seem to be lacking. Classrooms are over filled. Teachers are overworked and underappreciated. Students become just another “standardized test statistic”, not an individual thinker. If you are ready for an educational experience that goes beyond the norm, then maybe Innovation Academy is right for your family.

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Best Las Vegas Middle School | Affordable Private School Las Vegas