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How to Bring STEAM Into Everyday Life

STEAM elementary Las Vegas-Innovation Academy Montessori

STEAM Elementary Las Vegas | Innovation Academy Montessori

STEAM is not only an important educational foundation, it is part of everyday life. However, it is easy to forget this. While Innovation Academy is rooted in STEAM curriculum, kids really benefit when they see STEAM in their everyday lives. It makes STEAM less about lessons and more about understanding life.

This is one reason why we introduced our student-led snack bar. It would be easy for the administration to start providing a snack bar for our students. However, a better application was to allow our students design and operate the snack bar, putting their STEAM education into a real life application. (READ MORE ABOUT THIS HERE)

Wait, What is STEAM?

As a quick reminder, STEAM is an acronym that stands for:






These are foundational principals of the Innovation Academy curriculum. Each topic has been recognized by educators around the world as important fields of emphasis to prepare students for the modern world.

STEAM is More Than Meets the Eye

An important thing to understand about STEAM being used in school is that STEAM is much more than just teaching these big topics. It is more about how these lessons are taught. When students learn STEAM, they are actually practicing several important skills. These STEAM skills include:

STEAM lessons teach students how to integrate multiple subjects and skills for creative problem solving.

Bring STEAM Into Everyday Life

As a parent, STEAM is so great because you are able to support your child’s school lessons in everyday life. This does not require you to be an expert in math, or engineering, or art. It only requires you to find the opportunities all around us for your students to practice their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Many of these opportunities are simple things that we, as adults, take for granted as great STEAM lessons.

When a parent is able to be involved in their child’s education and development, both the lesson and the relationship is strengthened!

Here are some simple ways to bring STEAM into your family’s everyday life:


Baking requires some basic math (measurements) as well as some basic science (chemical reactions, thermodynamics). Decorating a cake or cupcakes also includes art, and maybe even some engineering! You might use technology to find a recipe online, or with a helpful appliance.


A simple run to the grocery store is a great opportunity to practice STEAM principles of math. This can be easily adjusted based on your child’s age. Have them locate the “sale” item, calculate discount percentages, or practice rounding decimals.

Another fun way to get your child invested in the food you buy is to give them a budget and have them shop from the grocery list. For a bonus, let them pick out a treat with any extra money which comes in under budget!


A road trip provides opportunities to apply STEAM by discussing travel speeds and travel times, fuel economy, physics of travel. Have your student draw a map, or even just look at a map and plot your route. Before they ask, “Are we there yet?”, have them estimate travel time based on mileage and an average speed.

Remember, these lessons don’t have to be scientifically precise. You can round things to make them easier, and to get a general idea or answer. The important piece here is getting your child to start thinking “outside the school” and seeing that school is all around us!

Las Vegas STEAM Middle School

Innovation Academy is raising the bar for education in Las Vegas. Our unique blend of Montessori philosophy with STEAM based curriculum is empowering students and making learning FUN!

One of the best ways to see if Innovation Academy is a fit for you and your family is to schedule a drop in tour! This will allow you to see our campus and students at work. We know that you will love the energy and excitement that fills our campus!

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STEAM Elementary Las Vegas | Innovation Academy Montessori