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3 Main Differences Between a Charter and a Private Middle School

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Families are looking for choices when it comes to their child’s education

Charter schools and private schools are both considered to be alternatives to traditional public schooling. Many Las Vegas families are looking for something other than public schooling, but it can be very overwhelming trying to understand all the options.

Charters and Private schools each have their advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right school for your family begins with understanding some of the main differences between them. Here are 3 of the main differences between charter schools and private schools.

1. Funding

A charter school is considered a public school. This means that it receives its funding from the state and federal governments. Attendance at a charter school is free because of this funding.

Alternatively, private schools do not receive funding from the government. Instead, they are funded through grants, tuition, and donations.

Keep in mind that while charter schools are prohibited from charging tuition, many will still request a “classroom donation” to help pay for things. These are supposed to be voluntary financial contributions, however, some charter schools can put a lot of pressure on families to contribute.

2. Academic Focus

Since they are considered to be part of the public school system, charter schools must demonstrate student competency through standardized testing. While this is not inherently a bad thing, some charter schools end up overemphasizing standardized test performance. This can result in students that learn to memorize and regurgitate for the purpose of test taking.

Private schools, however, don’t have to teach with a standardized test in mind. This often means that teachers have more freedom with how the present lessons as well as the pace at which they present. Teachers can focus on true student engagement and enrichment, which can result in a deeper understanding of lessons.

If you are worried that this means private school does not prepare your child for successful test taking, don’t be. The National Assessment of Educational Progress, which is often referred to as “the nation’s report card,” assesses both public and private school students in subjects such as math, reading, science and writing. The most recent NAEP data shows what other research has found: Private school students score better in almost all subjects.

3. Curriculum

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Charter schools are highly constrained by their funding and district budgets. They must also follow state approved curriculum. This can make it difficult for them to put resources into a diverse and well rounded curriculum. Instead, they often must focus primarily on core curriculum-like english and math, while foregoing peripheral courses, like language, arts, and physical education.

Private schools, meanwhile, have the autonomy to design their curriculum around their educational goal or mission. For example, private schools that emphasize college preparation during high school might offer more diverse classes, as well as International Baccalaureate programs.

Many public schools in Las Vegas are having to cut art, music, dance, and physical education classes due to funding. However, Innovation Academy, as a private school, is still able to offer these classes. This is in addition to our STEAM based curriculum.

Find What is Right for Your Family

Ultimately, what really will matter for your family is finding a school that fits your needs and your child’s learning style. There are great charter school options in Las Vegas, and many Private options as well.

Innovation Academy takes pride in raising the bar for education by offering an affordable private middle school education in Las Vegas. Curious to learn more? CALL TODAY to schedule a tour!

You will find our campus full of energy and excitement, with zero resemblance to a traditional classroom. Not only that, you will learn that our tuition is far more affordable than alternative options in the Valley!

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