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The Wicked Truth Behind Public School Test Scores | Las Vegas Elementary

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Have you heard the phrase “teaching to the test?”

Teachers use it to describe classroom situations where they spend their days making sure students perform well on standardized tests. The push to get as many students as possible to score above a certain percentage is not driven by passion. It’s not about the best interest of the children.

It’s about money.

State and local governments set standards school districts must meet to get funding. So, the better a school’s numbers, the more money it may receive. In many cases, this prompts leaders to set dollar sign driven goals for teachers. Students are reduced to opportunities to get more funding.

This is certainly not the way to inspire a life-long love of learning in young minds!

Teachers Need to Feel Inspired

This model is also not the way to attract talented and effective teachers. Author Sarah Morrison recently wrote an essay titled “Why I Quit Teaching” at boredteachers.com. She noted backing off on her own ideals in favor of district expectations as a reason she left the profession. This came after only three years! She calls for a change in what she believes is a competitive atmosphere in education.

The answer is not students competing against each other for high scores. It’s also not schools competing against each other for district funds.

At Innovation Academy in Las Vegas, the Montessori approach is different. We believe that students will find value in what they unlock in themselves. This is instead of their ability to correctly fill in bubbles with a No. 2 pencil. In turn, happy, successful students contribute to a classroom that benefits everyone. In other words, when children do well, teachers do well. Taking a child-centered approach (instead of a test- or money-centered one) inspires students as unique individuals.

On the other end, educators can truly follow the path they started when they chose teaching as a job. Their goal is then to spark wonder, unlock potential, and encourage growth in every student in their care. It’s not to create money-making cogs for a one-size-fits-all machine.

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