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Scholarships, Discounts, and Support—Attending a Private Las Vegas Elementary School May Be More Affordable Than You Think!

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Elementary School in Las Vegas | Affordable Private School

“Private school is so expensive!”

Yes, we hear this a lot. Many parents want a school like Innovation Academy for their children. But many parents also don’t even look into tuition because they think they already know what they’ll discover: a huge price tag. On one hand, they want the best for their kids. On the other hand, they don’t want to—or can’t—afford the fees that private schools commonly charge.

As a Montessori school, we teach our students the benefits of approaching problems from a variety of angles. Likewise, we hope parents will do the same!

For example, Innovation Academy tuition is $800 a month. For some families, this looks like an impossible challenge. But thanks to discounts we offer, as well as tuition support and grants from the state of Nevada, that number can drop. Significantly. Maybe even totally.

In other words, you may be able to enroll your child in Innovation Academy and pay no tuition at all.

Thankful for Community

Innovation Academy is an elementary school in Las Vegas that would not be able to operate without community support. For instance, it takes all of our families working together to ensure the campus stays allergy free. We enjoy many benefits possible only when students, parents, teachers, and staff collaborate to create a rich learning environment.

Moreover, we depend on the greater community to maintain a safe, supportive environment beyond our school walls. That’s why we waive our one-time registration fee for civil workers. The group certainly includes firefighters, as well as law enforcement officials and agents. It also includes educators!

Since family is an important part of a vibrant community, we also offer discounts for siblings.

The Choice is Yours

Not everyone knows that the Nevada Board of Education sets aside tax funds to be used for scholarships each year. The thinking behind this decision is to give qualifying families in the state freedom of choice. That means many education opportunities are available to families whose income level would otherwise prevent their children from attending.

Funds from the Nevada Choice program are awarded as grants. Firstly, interested families must apply for a scholarship. Certified Scholarship Grant Organizations process applications and award funds at their discretion. As a result, many families are able to choose the ideal school for their children.

However, not every private school meets the standards for approval as a Nevada Choice school.

Innovation Academy does.

Visit this page on our website to see a list of available Nevada Scholarship Grant Organizations. Most importantly, note when application windows open for each SGO. Many groups open the application process in the later winter and early spring.

We Can Help

Forms and applications can often be difficult to navigate. On top of figuring out where your child should go to school, you have to read fine print and more. The process is important, but it can also be scary!

The Innovation Academy team is prepared to work not just with students, but families, too. Remember how much we value community? We invite you to tour our Las Vegas campus to learn more about what we offer. Then, if you think the school is a good fit for your family, we can help with the paperwork. In short, we will work with you to ensure your application for a Nevada Choice grant is complete and properly submitted.

Where would you want your child to attend if money weren’t an issue? Don’t make a decision as if you don’t have a choice. CONTACT INNOVATION ACADEMY to discover what we can do to help open doors you may not have thought could be opened!

A private school education at Innovation Academy is more affordable than you think!

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Elementary School in Las Vegas | Affordable Private School