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Las Vegas Elementary | Tips For Distance Learning

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Las Vegas Elementary Schools: Keep it simple for your kids when it comes to distance learning during Corona closures…

Las Vegas Elementary School | COVID-19 Las Vegas

With schools closed across the country, many for the remainder of the school year, families are scrambling to figure out how to keep their kids’ academics going.

For most parents, assuming the role of “teacher” is not only an unexpected task, it is a daunting one. Many schools are helping families out by providing curriculum and distance learning, however, there is still a great challenge and responsibility on parents to support this new schooling.

Simple Steps to Support Distance Learning

Our teachers here at Innovation Academy want our community to know that we will all get through this together. Yes, it will be challenging, stressful, and frustrating at times. And that’s ok. However, with some support and direction, we believe that this can also be an amazing time to share with your kids!

To help Las Vegas families adapt to distance learning, here are some basic steps you can implement:


Students like to have a schedule. It allows them to focus on the task at hand. It also helps them anticipate what is coming up next. You may not be used to having a schedule in your home, but try alloting a block of the day as “school”, and create a schedule accordingly. It doesn’t have to be very rigid. It can absolutely be flexible. However, even a rough schedule will help you, and your at-home-student better prepare and focus on distance learning.


If you don’t already have a space that was used for homework, consider setting up a designated “school” space for your child. We recommend at least a table and chair someplace they can focus and work with minimal distraction. Understanding that it is likely mom, dad, and maybe multiple children may all need to be working from home now, you may need to get creative with space. If you have to designate a shared space, such as the dining room table, perhaps consider setting it up for school in the morning with your children, and then having them “pack it up” when the work is done, so the space can return to its normal use. Don’t forget that you likely need extra supplies on hand, such as notebooks, lined paper, plain paper, pens, and pencils. These can be stored in a bin or cabinet.

RECESS/OUTSIDE TIMEscreen time-las vegas montessori-Innovation Academy

Yes! We believe it is important to schedule some play time outside for your at-home-student! As adults, it is easy for us to fall into the routine of staring at a computer for hours on end. For your children though, you will find them much more productive, and much more focused during “work” time, if they are given some time to get up and move. This also gives them a break from screen time. READ HERE ABOUT HOW SCREEN TIME EFFECTS KIDS.


Talk to your kids about new expectations. Let them know how schooling is going to be different right now. Be honest about the challenges it comes with, not just for them, but for you. Let them know that they can ask lots of questions, not just about their school work, but about what is going on right now. This is a strange and challenging time, and it is OK for all of us to be anxious, nervous, and worried. Talking about it with your kids will help them process their feelings, and might even help you with yours! READ HERE ABOUT TALKING TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT COVID-19.


Let’s face it. None of us were prepared for this. Not families. Not schools. Our cities weren’t even prepared. That fact in and of itself creates a great deal of stress and anxiety. Throw in the stress of job uncertainty, and this is one of the most challenging times our nation has had to deal with. However, this is the new reality we face, if only temporary. We can’t control much about it. All we can control is how we respond. When it comes to supporting your child’s distance education, rely on their school. Reach out to their teachers. Use the multitude of online resources, many of which are free. Talk to other parents about what they are doing. Be open to the change, and open to new ideas. If you try something and it doesn’t seem to work for your family, your schedule, or your kids, it is ok to change it again. It may not fix everything, but it may just make things a little easier. This is an amazing opportunity to realize your own resiliency, while developing it in your own children. 

Las Vegas Elementary Schools Learning to Adapt

This has also been a huge challenge for Las Vegas Elementary schools and for Innovation Academy. Our teachers are having to learn an entirely new approach to educating and to working with students and families. We have had to scramble to adapt curriculum and lessons for the home. The Innovation Academy team really truly misses our community, but we are finding new ways to stay connected. We are grateful for the strength of community that Innovation Academy has, and that Las Vegas has, and we know that together we will get through this.

If you need any other tips, advice, or guidance, please feel free to call us. We are still here for our community and families.

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Las Vegas Elementary School | COVID-19