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Developing Good People, Not Just Good Students at this Las Vegas Elementary

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Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy

Helping students develop character traits is important for life long success

Being with a friend makes all of your days’ struggles seem smaller.

As adults we often realize that friendships are about quality, not quantity. Many of us have a small group of friends that have been with us for years. We have made relationships that will last many more years. This is an adult way to look at friendship. Try to remember what it was like to make new friends as a young child…It can start with a smile on the swing set, or a comparison to the clothing that is being worn at the time, or simply sharing a toy. The connections with young children are often instant and easy.

Holding on to those connections and helping them develop is where character lessons become important. This is where teachers, parents, and peers need to assist. At Innovation Academy, our Montessori-based classrooms incorporate practice of character trait lessons daily. Lessons include subjects like honesty, kindness, compassion, complementing and courage. All of which help a child learn how to be a good friend to all people. These lessons have shown to nearly eliminate bullying in the classroom. They encourage friendships to flourish with students, and strengthen self confidence in who they are and what they bring to a friendship. Teaching academics is paramount, but teaching how to be a good friend is a skill set that will last a lifetime.

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