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Strong character is just as important as strong grades

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Building Character

It’s heartbreaking to have a child come home from school crying. Whether they are being bullied, they aren’t making good friends, or they are overwhelmed by school. The tears are real and there is more than just an emotional impact on the child. Emotional stress and depression in school aged children can have a negative impact on their ability to learn and retain lessons. It is important for school staff to recognize the signs of stress and depression in their students. It is also important for schools to recognize that strong character is just as important as strong grades.

School is more than just test scores

At Innovation Academy, we believe in academic excellence. However, we also recognize that there is a social and emotional need that must be met in order to achieve academic excellence. At IA, there is as much emphasis on developing strength of character in our students as there is in developing academic excellence. Children are taught in their daily interactions to be kind to each other. To respect each other. And to stand up for each other when a situation arises in life that they witness rude or mean behavior.

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Our students are spoken to kindly by their teachers, and their feelings are respected by the staff and their peers. Innovation Academy provides students with a loving, kind, and supportive environment to learn in. The teachers model behavior for the children so that they can develop their own strength of character. Additionally, these kids do not just use these skills in the classroom, they take them on the soccer field, to their friends houses, and out into their community. When children are taught these characteristics in their homes, and it is reinforced in their school, we create collective change in society. Innovation Academy is a Las Vegas elementary school that believes in the bigger picture, not just test scores.

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