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New Peanut and Gluten Tester | Food Allergy Free Campus Las Vegas

food allergy free campus|Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori

Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori | Food Allergy Free Campus

New Technology Makes Dining Out Safe!

MIT has designed a fast, accurate way to analyze food for gluten and peanut. It is called the NIMA Sensor, and is a simple and portable tool that makes it easy for people with severe food allergies to dine out safely.

Double Check Your Meal

If you suffer from a severe food allergy, you can understand the frustration and fear of dining out. Restaurants don’t typically list all ingredients, and waiters rarely know the details of preparation that may expose your food to your allergen. Additionally, even Chefs can sometimes miss something. Unfortunately, all of this can lead to an allergic reaction.

With the NIMA Sensor, you can double check your meal to ensure it is free of gluten or peanuts. This means that you can dine out with a new level of confidence.

IA-Vegas’ Only Food Allergy Free Campus

At Innovation Academy, our goal was to create a safe learning environment for everyone. Especially those students suffering from severe food allergies. The Nima tester is great for going out, however, at Innovation Academy we custom cater all our snacks and meals to guarantee that we are a food allergy free campus.

Instead of separating students who have food allergies from the rest of the class, Innovation Academy is inclusive and safe. Most importantly, our catered meals are enjoyed by all of our students, not just the ones with food allergies.

The Innovation Academy Difference

You can read more about some of the unique things we have done to enhance the learning environment. You can also learn more about Nima RIGHT HERE. However, what we really love is for families to see for themselves! CONTACT US to schedule a tour TODAY!

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Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori | Food Allergy Free Campus