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A Food Allergy Safe School Goes Beyond the Classroom

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Food Allergy Safe School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas

We have written before about what led us to develop Innovation Academy Las Vegas as a Montessori-based elementary school. Our goal was not only to provide an encouraging, student-focused environment, but also a school free of food allergens. After two years of careful planning, research, and development, we achieved our goal. Then, in the years since, we have maintained that level of safety, but we couldn’t do it without help.

Learning happens at home in addition to—if not more than—at school. In the same way, allergy safety at Innovation Academy Las Vegas extends beyond the classroom walls. A food allergy safe school truly succeeds with the commitment from a caring and loving community.

The School Component

We do not leave anything to chance when it comes to monitoring what our children put into their bodies. Innovation Academy Las Vegas students are not allowed to bring any food from home. We know every ingredient in every meal and snack that comes in from our providers. In addition, our providers—all local restaurants—know our students’ allergy restrictions.

Our staff also works to develop a shared sense of responsibility. In other words, we collaborate to keep the school allergy free, as well as to enforce the idea that this responsibility belongs to all of us. With that in mind, our staff members do not bring any food from home, either.

Beyond the attention given to the food itself, we also emphasize inclusion rather than exclusion. A child with food allergies is not made to feel apart from fellow students who can enjoy a wider range of meal options. Instead, our staff models behavior designed to show that we can accommodate everyone without sacrificing much. And we can certainly maintain a positive attitude!

The Home Component

Since food allergy safety is built into the foundation of this school, Innovation Academy Las Vegas attracts particular families. Our community is made up of parents, siblings, children, and more—all of whom care deeply about their fellow students and families. Because of this, everyone takes the challenges of pursuing a food allergy-free life seriously.

What does this mean for you? It means you have an advantage when it comes to scheduling worry-free play dates. It means that fellow parents already understand the importance of vigilance—even if their own children do not have allergies of their own. Above all, it means you will find support inside and outside of the school.

Of course, you should always be clear about what foods are and are not acceptable for your child, no matter the setting. But if you need to check a kitchen or give an ingredient list a thorough read or politely decline a snack, then you will be doing so amid parents who understand.

If you have been blessed with a child with food allergies and are therefore looking for a supportive educational environment and greater community, CONTACT US to find out more.

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Food Allergy Safe School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas