Why Class Size Matters
Las Vegas Montessori-Innovation Academy Las Vegas

Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Top 5 Reasons Why Smaller Class Sizes Are Better It feels like classrooms are getting more and more crowded. Most of us would agree that crowded classrooms make it harder on both the students and the teachers. Nevada’s teacher-student ratios for public schools is 1:16 for grades […]

Las Vegas Montessori Brings a New Approach to Education
Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori

Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy Las Vegas The Education You’ve Been Wanting for Your Child Las Vegas is known for many great things: the best entertainment, dining, nightclubs, and of course, gambling! Another thing that it is sadly known for is its poor National education ranking. Nevada has consistently ranked at the bottom of […]

Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori-free registration

Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Enroll This Week, PAY NO REGISTRATION!! As we get ready for a new year to begin, Innovation Academy wants to kick things off with a bang by offering FREE REGISTRATION to new students! It is just one more small way that Innovation Academy is setting itself apart […]

Las Vegas Montessori | Inspiring Kindness

Las Vegas Montessori | Innovation Academy What Have You Done to be Kind Today? Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Innovation Academy believes that showing love and kindness has a deep and profound effect on people and children. It is a priority in the classroom to show kindness to our students, as […]

Innovation Academy Teams Up with Excite Dance!

Introduce Your Child to the Wonder of Dance!! If you are the parent of a pre-schooler, then you definitely know about their seemingly endless supply of bounding energy!!! If you are looking for a healthy, fun outlet for all that energy, then take a look at Excite Dance! Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori is teaming […]

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