How cutting recess is actually hurting education
Best Las Vegas Elementary-Innovation Academy-recess at school

Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Nevada schools are cutting recess, is this good for our children? There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of children being diagnosed with attention and focus issues. According to the most recent CDC report, ADHD diagnosis in children increased by 42% between 2001 and […]

Educating the Mind, Body, and Soul
Best Las Vegas elementary Innovation Academy

Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy LV IA Takes Education Beyond the Text Book The Robert W. Coleman elementary school had a very high rate of detention and suspension. Looking for an “outside-the-box” solution, they replaced traditional discipline methods with meditation, in what they call the “Holistic Me” program. Instead of serving detention, the […]

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy Why “IQ” may not be the best way to measure “intelligence” after all… “Intelligence Quotient”, or IQ, is commonly used as an indicator for a person’s intelligence. Many people relate a high IQ to how successful a person can be as an adult. Recently, adults have been urged […]

How IA is reducing stress in the classroom

Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy Is School Stressing Your Kid Out?? Through extensive research it has been discovered that a stressful childhood may lead to both anxiety and depression throughout adolescence. The main discussion among parents revolves around the stress that children feel in the modern day school system. This leads to both […]

Best Las Vegas Elementary | Have Courage

Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy Why Having Courage Matters Students at Innovation Academy learn about character traits that will strengthen who they are, who they want to be, and how they can make a difference in the lives around them. For Courage Day, our students are learning how having courage makes you a […]

Best Las Vegas Elementary | I.A.’s Spring Celebration!

Best Las Vegas Elementary Celebrate the Coming of Spring with Innovation Academy! Innovation Academy Las Vegas Montessori would like to invite you to join us in our annual Spring celebration! Saturday March 19th from 9a-11a This is a family-fun, community event for everyone, not just for Innovation Academy students. Featuring: Easter Egg Hunt! Egg Races! […]

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