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Looking for an Alternative to Las Vegas Public Schools?

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Las Vegas Montessori Middle School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas

There seems to be a growing sentiment of frustration and concern among Vegas’ families when it comes to schooling. Las Vegas has long been plagued by underperforming public school options, and there does not seem to be an end in sight despite billions of dollars being “allocated” for education.

Clark County School District is the nation’s 5th largest, however, public test scores continue to underwhelm. Las Vegas families deserve a better choice!

Charter or Private School

If public school is not a fit for your family, Las Vegas does have some alternatives. There are charter schools, and there are private school options.

The main problem with charter schools is that they are still part of the public school system. Which means they primarily receive their funding from the same place that is mismanaging public school funding. Many charter schools also request “donations” from families which can often end up costing as much as private school!

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When it comes to private school options, many families are frustrated not just by the cost, but by the fact that almost half of Vegas private schools have a religious affiliation. There is nothing wrong with that, but not every family wants to combine their faith directly with their child’s schooling.

Affordable Private School

Innovation Academy Las Vegas provides our Vegas community with an affordable, Montessori based private school option. Montessori is an educational philosophy that embraces the individuality of each learner, while working to foster and develop a child’s innate intellectual curiosity.

Innovation Academy also seamlessly incorporates S.T.E.A.M. principles into our curriculum. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, and are the pillars of education necessary for ongoing success in the future.

Our tuition of only $800/mo is all inclusive, and puts us below the state average for private school tuition!

The Innovation Academy Difference

In addition to low teacher : student ratios, Innovation Academy Las Vegas takes pride in creating a learning environment that our students are excited about. Non-traditional when it comes to the “classroom”, our school is all about community, collaboration, and application. That means we focus on developing the whole child, while providing opportunities and examples to apply their academic lessons in real world settings.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a unique learning environment for your child, look no further than Innovation Academy Las Vegas! SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR TODAY!!!

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Las Vegas Montessori Middle School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas