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How IA is reducing stress in the classroom

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Is School Stressing Your Kid Out??

Through extensive research it has been discovered that a stressful childhood may lead to both anxiety and depression throughout adolescence.

The main discussion among parents revolves around the stress that children feel in the modern day school system. This leads to both a stressed parent and child. Children learn from both parents and teachers, if the adults are putting a great amount of importance on tests, then the child will emulate those same actions and emotional stress.

Stressed teachers lead to stressed students

Some parents say that standardized tests and curriculum are the main cause of anxiety for both the child and parent. Yet, what many parents don’t realize is that the stress falls upon the teachers as well. Because many schools receive their state funding based on test scores, teachers have to focus on test taking skills during the day instead of spending school hours nurturing and teaching the students.

A “non-standard” approach to knowledge

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Stress free kids, stress free families, and stress free teachers!

Education should involve a wider scope of knowledge than just learning how to score well on a standardized test. Yes, these tests hold value, however, the most important service a teacher can offer is the ability to think and problem solve in any context of life. Creativity is what sparks the imaginations of students. At Innovation Academy our goal is to provide a stress free environment in which teachers have the freedom to use their own methods of teaching while providing a nurturing learning environment. Instead of a “performance-based” environment where teachers and students experience the stress of test taking, Innovation Academy is focused on being a stimulating outlet for students to learn and explore education.


The Innovation Academy difference

Education, not stress, belongs in the classroom. Innovation Academy features creative, relaxed lesson plans tailored to each child for optimum growth. We make learning exciting, which helps students retain information and fosters their passion to learn. Our students have creative and unique minds which is key to learning. Standardized testing can be beneficial for bench marking, but often does not show the true strengths, talents, and knowledge of students. Innovation Academy’s unique approach to providing a stress-free learning environment is just one more reason why we think we are the best Las Vegas elementary around!

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