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Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy

School Should Not Just Be About Academics…

I will never forget the neighbors’ kids I grew up with, or the great times we had together. How many parents want this for their children?

Las Vegas is a unique city in more ways than a tourist can imagine! Away from the glitz and glamour of “The Strip” live families and friends that want to raise their kids in a safe, caring, small-town atmosphere. Many Las Vegas families group together through church and children’s sports leagues, but that sense of “neighborhood” is hard to find outside of those events, especially since time spent in church or sports leagues only account for approximately 10% of your child’s exposures.

What if you could provide a family-style support system where your kids spend 70% of their awake hours?

A New Approach to Education

Once kids hit elementary age, they will spend the bulk of their waking hours in school, for the next 18 years. Shouldn’t their school should provide them with more than just an academic approach to education? Innovation Academy is raising the bar for Las Vegas schools by providing a special and unique school experience for our students. Innovation Academy is committed to small class sizes, small group lessons, and confidence building exercises through multi-grade interactions and peer presentations. Through our approach to education, our students develop a sense of worth for their role within their community (classroom/school), and feel valued and respected. They learn about accountability to their group, communication, and the value of support. These character traits learned in the early years transcend into adulthood. This type of environment not only helps them develop into well-rounded individuals, but also fosters their natural intellectual curiosity and deepens their understanding and retention of their lessons.

Not Just Good Students, but Good People

Innovation Academy believes that our students deserve more from their school. By combining our top-rated curriculum with the principals of Montessori education that emphasizes social and personal development, Innovation Academy is building more than just another Las Vegas school. We are building a better community. It is just another reason why we believe we are the best Las Vegas elementary school available!

Come see the “small-town”-school-in-a-big-city that builds memories of “I will never forget the neighborhood kids I grew up with and the great times we had together”. CONTACT US to learn more today!

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Best Las Vegas Elementary | A Better Community