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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

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Why “IQ” may not be the best way to measure “intelligence” after all…

“Intelligence Quotient”, or IQ, is commonly used as an indicator for a person’s intelligence. Many people relate a high IQ to how successful a person can be as an adult. Recently, adults have been urged to not only be tested for IQ, but also for their “Emotional Quotient”, or EQ. Even major Fortune 500 companies are going as far as conducting these EQ tests throughout the interview processes. EQ is a relevant test to show a person’s ability to problem solve, think critically, and interact socially in varying situations. Research is beginning to demonstrate that the most successful people had more highly developed social skills (EQ), rather than just high IQ scores (The Emotional Intelligence Network).

EQ Impacts Educationbest las vegas elementary-innovation academy EQ

Results of EQ testing have shown that emotional intelligence leads to positive educational outcomes. Studies show that students with higher EQ levels are less likely to drop out of school than their peers (The Emotional Intelligence Network). Higher emotional intelligence scores also increase the ability to cope with the stress involved in school environments. Stress has been proven to have a negative impact on academic performance. When students are able to manage stress, and feel a sense of belonging in a respectful environment, they can focus on their academics. The elementary years are a crucial time for brain development as well as lifelong character development.

Incorporating EQ Development at Innovation Academy

One of the reasons we believe that IA is one of the best Las Vegas elementary schools around is because we have incorporated the research behind EQ into our curriculum to give every child the opportunity to be their best and brightest. Innovation Academy always includes lessons surrounding the importance of personal growth and character development throughout the day, to compliment our S.T.E.M.-based lessons. (Don’t know about STEM? Check THIS out!) We strive to make our students as prepared as possible for adulthood by enriching their EQ while developing their IQ!

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