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Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy LV

IA Takes Education Beyond the Text Book

The Robert W. Coleman elementary school had a very high rate of detention and suspension. Looking for an “outside-the-box” solution, they replaced traditional discipline methods with meditation, in what they call the “Holistic Me” program. Instead of serving detention, the students

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spent time learning how to calm their bodies and minds, reflecting on the reasons they were there, and what responsibilities they have to stop themselves from getting into trouble again. The students also received lessons on anger management and forgiveness.

So much happens in a child’s life that they cannot control, both inside and outside of the school setting. This sense of having no control often leads to feelings of frustration and anger, and lashing out. Kids need to be given tools to help them work through these problems and emotions. By teaching their students mindfulness, and giving them the tools to identify and address their emotions, the school has had ZERO suspensions since implementing the Holistic Me program.

Being the best Las Vegas elementary requires a different approach to education

Atbest las vegas elementary-Innovation Academy LV yoga Innovation Academy, we have taken this concept one step further. Along with our advanced vigorous academics, we offer yoga and other unique electives to ensure that the entire mind, body, and soul receives education. It’s a well rounded approach to helping our students excel not only academically but in all areas of being a successful individual. To learn more about how this Las Vegas Montessori is raising the bar for education in Las Vegas, please CONTACT US today!

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Best Las Vegas Elementary | Innovation Academy LV

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