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We believe that every child deserves an education that caters to their individual learning style and personality, while still upholding standards for academic excellence. Our individualized curriculum means that every student can learn at their own pace, with the teacher support and activities to deepen understanding and increase engagement.

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Montessori based

Montessori is a child-centered educational approach that supports a child's natural intellectual curiosity by providing a supportive, thoughtfully designed learning environment. Learning is supported through multiple techniques, with an emphasis on "hands-on" learning through the creative arts.

S.T.E.M. curriculum

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Our curriculum integrates these 4 important disciplines into real world and practical applications for our students.

Food-Allergy Safe Campus

Having a severe food allergy should not interfere with a child's education. Innovation Academy features fully customized, catered, healthy snacks and meals that all our students can enjoy together, with or without food allergies.

Field trips, music, art, and physical education!

While many public schools are cutting these programs to save money, Innovation Academy is committed to giving our students all the benefits these programs bring to their educational and personal development.

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Our Team

Our team of Educators come from a diverse educational background with experience in both Public and Private schools. Our Educators have various degrees, certifications, and licenses in Education including, but not limited to, Montessori, Multi-Grade, and Special Education.

Think you would be a good fit for the Team?? Please EMAIL us your resume!

Catered Meals and Snacks

Innovation Academy provides custom, healthy, professionally catered meals and snacks to our students, prepared fresh by local Vegas restaurants!


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A Food Allergy Safe School Goes Beyond the Classroom

Food Allergy Safe School | Innovation Academy Las Vegas We have written before about what led us to develop Innovation Academy Las Vegas as a Montessori-based elementary school. Our goal was not only to provide an encouraging, student-focused environment, but also a school free of food allergens. After two years of careful planning, research, and […]

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The Importance of Low Student-to-Teacher Ratios

Classroom Sizes | Innovation Academy Las Vegas Elementary “The sky is the limit!” This is a beloved phrase parents and teachers use to inspire children. It encourages lofty goals, as well as gaining the skills needed to achieve them. However, apply the words “the sky is the limit” to classroom sizes. Suddenly, the phrase is […]

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NV Choice Scholarship

Innovation Academy meets the rigorous State standards to be approved as a Nevada Choice Scholarship provider! That means that if you qualify for tuition grants, you can use them at Innovation Academy!

FREE Tuition

Nevada offers tuition scholarships for qualified families that can pay for your child's education at Innovation Academy! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Tuition Discounts

We love and support our Vegas community. If your family works in any civil servant jobs (fire, law enforcement, education, etc...) we offer enrollment discounts! CLICK HERE for tuition pricing

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