At Innovation Academy, we believe that creativity and imagination don’t need to be sacrificed for academic success. Our curriculum integrates a wide spectrum of teaching and learning styles with nationally accepted Common Core standards. Students receive a solid foundation on which we build through every grade.


How We Teach

Every child is an individual. Our teaching staff recognizes this, and we have built our entire curriculum around teaching to different types of learners, from visual to auditory to tactile. Whether your child a logical, linear thinker who learns best traditionally, or a creative, out-of-the-box problem solver, he or she will feel right at home at Innovation Academy.

We are dedicated to keeping small ratios in our classrooms so that our teachers are able to get to know their students and how they think — what makes them tick, how they approach learning, and how best to reach them. We want every child to find success in academics, no matter how they learn best. We encourage them to pursue that rather than force them to conform; we don’t teach to the lowest common denominator.



Our curriculum is comprised of several components, all aligned with Common Core. For more information on the Common Core Standards, which have been adopted in over 40 states (including Nevada), please read more here. In addition to our traditional curriculum, students work in centers on individualized and collaborative learning projects to improve their skills.


The Core Knowledge Sequence

“The Core Knowledge Sequence is predicated on the realization that what children are able to learn at any given moment depends on what they already know—and, equally important, that what they know is a function of previous experience and teaching.” – Source: The Core Knowledge Foundation

Core Knowledge is currently being utilized by every kind of school, from public to private. We chose it as the basis for our curriculum because it provides a strong foundation for further learning across every subject, but also because it fits perfectly with the idea that learning is a cumulative process.



Wonders 2014 (McGraw Hill)

Wonders Reading and Writing Workshop is a brand new and rigorous Common Core State Standard approved program sweeping the nation. This program targets student education with an extremely individualized approach. It provides optimal phonetic, reading and writing fundamentals, and strategies. In this program students thrive because their needs are met through instrumentally organized full group instruction, small group instruction, individualized lessons, activities, games, technology and more. Additionally the students have the program at their fingertips, and can access personalized tutors, games, activities, readings and more from any internet connection at school, or at home. With this technology available, parents also have access to the same information to help their children grow simultaneously with their teachers instruction.


EngageNY Math 2014 (The New York State Education Department)

EngageNY Math is an adaptable math program that fits student ability and teacher preference. The curriculum includes the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE), and Data-Driven Instruction (DDI).  Educators are afforded the opportunity to help students achieve deep conceptual knowledge through curriculum pacing and organization. EngageNY Math provides a deepened understanding of mathematics that will help student expand and grow through life.


Other Curriculum

Science: A Closer Look (McGraw Hill)

Social Studies: Timelinks (McGraw Hill)