Mission Statement

Our focus is to ensure that every child attains academic success and mastery. Our holistic approach to education is geared towards a multi-faceted education that also instills values, and cultivates a lifelong desire to learn.

Innovation Academy provides a learning environment where children feel safe, respected, and accepted. We use a teaching approach that places equal value on every child, whether they are creative and artistic types who think out of the box, or are more linear and logical thinkers.

Finally, we seek to build a cooperative partnership between the home, the school, and the community.

One More Reason To Be NUTS For This School

My youngest child was diagnosed with a life threatening allergy. Her reactions are from airborne exposure. Our doctor told us that she would never be able to experience a typical school environment. Home schooling was our only option.

We were devastated.

I took my grief and began to focus on developing a safe school for my child and other parents experiencing the same life threatening diagnosis.

Our family will forever have to stay vigilant protecting her, but I can at least give her a safe, loving, caring aware school to learn in.

-Maggie Bray, Headmaster